What i keep in my bag on a daily basis..

This post is such a classical blog post from a lifestyle blogger, but i thought i would join the crowd and do one aswell.

Things i keep in my bag are usually really uninteresting but i thought i would invite you inside and let you find out for yourself.

Ariana Perfume – This perfume is my all time favourite perfume for every day. Cheap and cheerful. I always get so many compliments on my perfume and it makes me feel so fresh and summery.

Eos lipbalm – its always extremely important to carry lip balm in your bag to hydrate your lips to keep them from going chapped, red and sore! Lip balm comes in handy for more than your lips. I got my first EOS lip balm just over a month ago and it is absolutely amazing. it has a great strawberry/raspberry scent and also tastes amazing too.

Compact mirror – My compact mirror was bought for me from my parents and it has a photo of my French Bulldog ingraved on the front of it which i completely fell in love with the moment i saw it, it even brought a tear to my eye.

Diary – I know old fashioned. But i do prefer to write all my appointments and stuff into an actual physical diary so that im forced to check it. also my diary is green with orange sunflowers on it and is really cute. I purchased it from paperchase for £8.

Glasses – i always keep an extra pair of both daily glasses and sun glasses in my bag to be on the safe side. Theres nothing worse than being out and having the sun in your eyes or not being able to read a menu.

pens/pencils – i’m a student, i will always need pens and pencils.

Earphones – nothing worse than being alone and having no earphones to listen to music!

Hair ties/bobby pins – just to be on the safe side.

my ipad – i keep my ipad in my bag because i keep most of my blog stuff on it and use it when im waiting for appointments etc.

my purse – always needed. in my purse i keep my bank cards, my loyalty cards, cash and spare change along with my drivers licence.

my car and house keys – cant go anywhere without my keys.

my makeup bag – for the much needed touch ups half way through the day!


Much Love, Rachel Xx



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