Closet Confidential Tag.

  1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?  The oldest thing in my closet has to be my great-grannies furr coat. I like to keep it because i have alot of memories of her in her coat and her matching hat.
  2. What is the newest item? The newest item in my closet is a new jumper to match my University uniform for placement
  3. What is the most expensive item? Most expensive item in my closet is either my michael kors bag, or my louis vitton scarf!
  4. What was the biggest bargain? the biggest bargain i got would probably be a pair of brown leather boots that were down in price from £85 to £30!
  5. What was the biggest waste of money? the biggest waste of money is a pair of black ankle boots that ive worn once and never worn since because they tore my feet to shreds!
  6. What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)? my white vans.. I wear them every time i drive because they are the comfiest shoes i own! even comfier than my uggs!
  7. What are your 3 favorite items right now?my favourite 3 items right now are my tan michael kors shopper bag, my louis vitton scarf and my uggs! perfect for the horrible cold weather in Scotland.
  8. What is your favorite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift? my michael kors bag!
  9. What is the most comfortable item? My white vans
  10. What is the most outrageous/colorful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)? my patterned multicoloured bag from river island… and it only cost me £45!
  11. What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)? my converse.
  12. Where do you shop the most at? either river island or new look.
  13. Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item. My favourite black item is my black furry coat and my favourite white item is my vans.
  14. Something you love but everyone else hates? My cream furr coat!
  15. Something that you’re excited to wear soon? this gorgeous velvet green slim dress!! it looks absolutely adorable on!

I hope you guys liked this and for everyone who has a blog i tag you all to do this !!


Love, Rachel Xx


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