My top 50 movies for a girls night in.

I thought since ive been having alot of girly nights in recently i should tell you all my top 50 favourite girly movies to watch with lots of food and some drinks.

  1. The notebook
  2. Dear John
  3. The last song
  4. the devil wears prada
  5. pitch perfect
  6. clueless
  7. legally blonde
  8. dirty dancing
  9. coyote ugly
  10. hairspray
  11. my sisters keeper
  12. twilight
  13. if i stay
  14. LOL
  15. footloose
  16. nottinghill
  17. ps i love you
  18. maid in manhattan
  19. bridesmaids
  20. EASY A
  21. sex and the city
  22. a bees life
  23. fast and furious
  24. sixteen candles
  25. 50 shades of grey
  26. marley and me
  27. breakfast at tiffanys
  28. the vow
  29. 27 dresses
  30. bride wars
  31. the princess diaries
  32. the ice princess
  33. when harry met sally
  34. friends with benefits
  35. sydney white
  36. shes the man
  37. magic mike
  38. angus thongs and perfect snogging
  39. grease
  40. bring it on
  41. 10 things i hate about you
  42. pretty in pink
  43. the breakfast club
  44. a cinderella story
  45. the first time
  46. the fault in our stars
  47. wild child
  48. honey
  49. step up
  50. so undercover.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it helped you if youre ever stuck for movies to watch.

As always, Be kind and spread positivity.


Love, Rachel Xx



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