My winter morning routine..

since ive been seeing around lately that alot of bloggers have been doing their christmas morning routines i thought id do a winter one.

I usually wake up around 7 am or a little later depending if i have to go to work or university that day. Once ive woken up i usually stay in bed for a good 30 minutes checking instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat and all my other social medias. Once ive checked all my accounts i get up and make my bed, usually with a struggle since my puppy always tries to help! I turn all my fairy lights off and head to the bathroom. In the bathroom i brush my teeth, wash my face and jump into the shower. After my shower it always takes me a good while to find a nice outfit for the day although i usually always go with the same 10 outfits or so because, lets face it, im as lazy as can be. I like to take a while to do my makeup to make sure its not a complete mess. after im dressed and have my makeup on i usually throw my hair into a messy bin and get my bag ready for the day. In my bag i usually put the likes of my phone, my binders for uni and my house keys.

For breakfast i usually have some cereal and a piece of fruit. My favorite breakfast is usually golden nuggets and then a banana! who doesnt love a banana right? i then have my coffee while checking my social media and replying to texts that ive received during the time ive spent getting ready. I then head back to my bedroom to put my shoes on and leave to tackle my duties for the day.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and also, let me know what you do during your morning routine! i love hearing about everyones.


As always remember to spread positivity and be kind.

Love, Rachel Xx



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